What are online loans?

Online loans are usually internet loans that allow you to borrow money fast with no lines, no waiting, no faxing from lenders online. Hence, there is no need to search “loans near me” over the cyberspace. There are different types of instant loans online- payday loans, installment loans, personal loans, home loans, auto loans, title loans, etc.

Is it safe to borrow cash online?

Online lending is safe, if you deal with actual or legitimate direct lenders that offer cash loans with upfront rates, clear terms and no hidden costs. Online direct lenders mean no third party, no brokers and no agent fees involved. However, play caution while you apply for a loan even with online lenders because there are other lead generators acting as real online lending companies.

How to apply for a quick loan with easy approval?

Apply for an easy online loan from InstallmentLoanz. Access 24/7 free application form and submit online. If approved, you can have guaranteed instant approval in minutes and fast cash as soon as same day or next day; depending on the time of loan approval.

Can I get a loan online with bad credit from InstallmentLoanz?

Yes. We are a direct lender online that offers installment loans for bad credit with no credit checks run. We base our loan approval not just on your credit score but also on your income source. Even people with no credit history are welcome to apply for guaranteed loans online with us.

How much can I borrow, as a first time borrower, from InstallmentLoanz?

If you are borrowing from us for the first time, you are eligible for personal finance anywhere between $200 and $500. However, if you pay off your first flex pay loan responsibly, you can gradually become eligible for an extra cash loan amount of upto $1000.

What if I wish to pay off my installment loan early?

You can payback your monthly payment loan as per your convenience and affordability. There is no prepayment penalty for early pay off.

How much is the online loan fee?

We charge a loan fee of $30 on every $100. However, this depends on the loan term and the number of scheduled payments agreed by you. For more details on personal loan interest rates, terms and other fees, check our loan rates section.

Do I need to pledge my assets to guarantee the loan?

Absolutely not! InstallmentLoanz offers unsecured loans online that are free from pledging your personal valuables to secure the loan. You can avail collateral free cash with no guarantor and zero risk to your assets.

What If, I am not satisfied with the loan taken?

Contact our customer support team for quick help with loan cancellation. With our 72-hour satisfaction guarantee policy, you can return the full loan amount within three days with no cancellation charges.

What do you mean by loans with no credit check?

Many personal loan lenders such as traditional lenders, online payday loans direct lenders and installment loans online direct lenders perform a credit check to assess your ability to repay the cash loan. No credit check loans are meant for people with bad credit wherein the borrower’s credit history will not be taken into account for loan approval. Instead, a soft check is performed over hard credit checks that are usually coupled with loans from banks or credit unions. Note, we do not run rigorous credit checks.

Do you offer student loans also apart from installment loans?

We do not offer loans to students currently. However, our small loans can be used for any personal emergency. You can use it to fund your education as well.

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