Payday Loan Alternative for a Friendlier and Easier Borrowing Experience

What Are Payday Loan Alternatives?


Payday loans are very beneficial in times of urgent needs. When one is in dire need of cash, going to a traditional lender is usually the last option due to their lengthy approval procedures that take days to accept one’s loan request and transfer funds. It is in such siatuations that payday loans come in handy.

However, payday loans aren’t the easiest type of loan to repay. They are required to be paid back in lump sum which can cause an individual to get into a debt cycle. Their interest rates are usually higher than that of traditional loans which makes it even more difficult to repay this loan in wholesome.

However, you now have a better alternative to payday loans in your desperate financial situations. Installment loans are a finer option when it comes to repayment since they don’t have to be repaid in their entirety. These payday loan alternatives can be found online which make them easy to access and repay as well.

Installment Loans Online are Alternative to Payday Loans

Installment loans online are a better source of funding due to their easy repayments and availability. When you need cash desperately, but don’t want to take the chance of getting into the whole situation of payday loans with their strict repayment policies, you can choose a better alternative to them which come in the form of installment loans.

Installment loans online can be applied for at any time during the day according to one’s convenience. They basically have every benefit that a payday loan does plus an additional one regarding repayment.

Installment loans are required to be repaid in parts over a few months which is why they don’t become heavy on the pocket when it comes to repayment. One doesn’t even feel the stress of paying it back since it costs that little an amount towards the end of every month till it is entirely repaid.

Can You Get Payday Loan Alternatives for Bad Credit?

The best part about applying for a payday loan is the fact that they are given for bad credit as well. The payday loan lenders do not rely on one’s credit score in order to fund them since they believe that it is not one’s past repayments that determine whether or not they can repay their loan presently.

Payday loan alternatives come for bad credit as well. As mentioned earlier, they have every benefit that a normal payday loan has along with an extra one which is the fact that they do not have to be repaid in wholesome.

Why Borrow Payday Loan Alternatives from InstallmentLoanz?

We are a legitimate direct lending source offering payday loan alternatives to everybody who needs them. With no credit check and no collateral requirement we qualify as one of the most trusted and helpful lending sources online. In order to get funded by us, all you have to do is fill out a simple application form and provide us with the following documents, after which you shall be eligible to get a payday loan alternative/ an installment loan from us, even if you have bad credit:

  • Income statement/ Pay stub
  • Age proof (18+)
  • Checking account details
  • Verifiable contact details
  • Social Security Number

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